If you want to overcome stress, you should start playing games and kick the buddy Mod Apk is one of these games, which helps in reducing stress. In the game, you can do maximum damage and play as you like.

There are many weapons in the game given below.

  1. rockets
  2. grenades
  3. cod steel
  4. atomic bombs
  5. many other weapons.

Using these weapons, you can easily damage or target your enemies.


We are providing this game, and you can download and install it on your smart devices. This game is not available on the play store, click the button above to download kick the buddy mod Apk For Free.

On the other hand, don’t think about shooting and blasting all the time. You don’t need to shutting down and colling all the time to win the game.

There are many other specifications and features are also available. In the game, you will get an arsenal to defeat.

Kick The Buddy Arsenals

Arsenal 1
  • Rockets
Arsenal 2
  • Grenades
Arsenal 3
  • Automatic Rifles
Arsenal 4
  • Naked Bombs

kick the buddy mod apk

When to use Arsenal in Kick the Buddy Mod Apk?

There are many circumstances where you need to use the Arsenal. Whenever you are losing the game, you need to use the weapons and kick away your enemies immediately.

But use the arsenal in the right direction with the correct timing. Here are  the few cases, when you should do:

Are you angry with your boss? Or anger at him? Its a time to Rob, and you want it yourself? No More Peace now you want to win and kick off all the enemies?

If you are a stress-free game user, then you still have to use these weapons in any way to reach the final levels in-game.

Game Play Rules:

There are many rules for this game. One of the gameplay rules is you should not ruin your relationship with your friends.

Moreover, you can break expensive things, but the gameplay rule does not allow you to break a friendship. Here are the fantastic rules of this game:

  • It is not funny to break the rules with your friends. They do not support you in this feature. The game always recommends playing with your friend.
  • It is allowed that you can break things and add more amazing friends, and it will double the fun.
  • The game has impressive features, and it is not just a game that allows you to reduce stress. The concept of break down things is fantastic. The physics rules correctly apply here. For example: if any of the team members throw a watermelon, then it means that the player is using a good target’s skill.
  • You will not get bor by playing this game. You and your friends can join to make creepy combinations. Each element in the game makes some sense, and the player has the freedom to do anything, which reduces stress.
  • Those users who are angry with someone, then this game is the solution to this problem. Although, you can use all the Arsenal in the game until all your enemies killed one by one. The Kick the Buddy mod will ensure until you become more relaxed.

Ruin your friendship? Not Allowed
Break Expensive things Not Allowed
Playing with your friends only Recommended
Player freedom Yes

Kick the buddy mod apk all unlocked Free Download

In the virtual world, you can quickly relieve all body stress and anger. Again, by worrying about your friend, you have to use all those weapons wisely and target the enemies.

In this way, you can break, freeze, destroy, and shoot the game. No one can stop you, and it will help you in reducing the anger.

It is time to save expensive things and release anger in the online world. You have all the dangerous nuclear bombs, grenades, and rifles.

You can easily download this game from here and install it on your smart devices, and it is easy to unlock and help in reducing the stress.

Kick the buddy 2 mod Apk

We have seen that Kick the buddy 2 mod apk is also now available. Below let’s take a look at some of the features of this game and what is the difference between both the versions of the game.

Whenever we heard the Kick the buddy 2, it leads to kick the buddy forever mod apk. Both are the same, forever is the updated version of the game. It is the 1.4.1 version, and Playgendary is the publisher of this game.

The game comes under the Arcade category. The game has a 95MB size, and you can also get it from the play store. But if you are looking for the Apk Version, then we have an updated file that you can install on your device.

Name Kick the buddy 2
Version 1.4.1
Publisher Playgendary
Category Arcade
Size 95MB


In this version of the game, Buddy is ill-fated character and also do something to release the stress and tortured in the gaming world.

The game promises its players that the updated version has more specifications and features as compared to the old version.

In a cellar, the player needs to perform best and kill the buddy character with some new amazing tools until the death becomes satisfactory.

Once the buddy dies, you will get the high rewards in the form of points and scores. When it’s all done, the player will get more relaxation and stress relief.

The game has more than 100 million downloads on the Kick the buddy apk old version. Still, there are many fans of this game, and the number of followers is increasing each day. It is because people now understand well that it is useless to break down the original costly items in the room.

Instead of it, they jumped into the download section of the game and downloaded the game. It helps the users to think a better way and to make a better decision after releasing the anger in the game.

Attack the Enemies

It is no doubt a great game, by the way. You now have many tools through which you can attack the enemies. Everything is clear, and users know what to do.

What is Buddy in kick the buddy apk?

Buddy is like a character similar to the mannequin and can attack the many weapons. Once you killed all your enemies, it will bring a smile on your face again.

Are the Characters remain Innocent?

With this Kick the buddy mod apk latest version, the character remains innocent and funny through the game. The physical effects in the game make the game more realistic and fantastic.

What happens with the new update?

In every update, the game is getting new and new weapons, and it satisfies the curiosity of the players. Users will get more experiments in the game. All the characters, especially buddy, make the game more exciting and eye-catching.

How to play kick the buddy forever mod apk?

Like kick the buddy old version, there is a room, and a buddy will enter into the room and suffer from the many attacks. Players have many abilities that need to utilize them and destroy everything of the enemy.

On the other hand, you will get the gold coins every time in the game whenever you kill the enemy with the bomb. More the gold coins you get, the more chances to win the game.

The game becomes more challenging day by day, and you have to pick up the weapon in the right way and execute it to the correct exact position. You can change the weapon with a single touch.

Kick the buddy 2 Features:

The weapon system of the game is impressive and excited. You can also do free shopping in the latest version and get everything unlocked. More the coins you have more the shopping you will do and purchase any weapons you need during the war.

Here is the list of New Arsenal in the Game:

  • Chainsaws
  • Plasma Guns
  • Meteorites
  • Space-Based Robots

Each weapon has different effects, and all the effects are related to the player’s interest. Buddy character is the same as the old version. The character comes up with unique features and designs.

There are many incredible innovations in the game, and many players appreciated the game well, and the surrounding effects are also great.

Kick the buddy 2 apk all Unlocked Information

For Android users, you can get the apk and install it on your Android device. There are already 100 Million downloads on the play store.

The game is more than 7 years old, and on the google play store, the game rating is 3.5, and almost 22 thousand plus the user has already rated this game. In the Action category of the play store, the game is freely available.

We recommend visiting the official developer of Kick the buddy website that is Playgendary’s website. They developed this Application back in 2012 for lower Android devices. You can install it in any of the devices without any worries.

How To install Kick the buddy forever mod Apk on PC?

if you want to run this fantastic game on the PC or Mac. Then you can install this game using the iOS or Android Emulators. For example, bluestack is one of the Android Emulator through which you can Install Kick the Buddy Mod on PC.


  • The Android device must have Android version more than 4.0. Before installing, make sure your android device has version 4.0 or above.
  • Make sure you are downloading the Kick the buddy mod apk everything unlocked file and get the amazing more features.
  • You must have an active internet connection with proper settings and configurations.

Android Version 4.0 or above
Internet connection No Proxy
Downloading file Mod Version

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Download and Install Kick the Buddy mod Apk?

If you want to install it on PC, then you have to install the Android emulator, and you can run the emulator on PC. Login with your Account and Install the Kick the buddy forever mod apk on your PC free. If you want to install it on an android device then simply follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the apk from above.
  2. Go to File Manager of your android phone.
  3. If your phone does not have a built-in File Manager folder then you can download it from the play store by clicking here.
  4. Click on Apk File which you ave downloaded from above, then click Allow.
  5. Click Next and then click install.
  6. That’s it

How do you get unlimited money and gold?

There are 2 currencies in the Kick the Buddy game. Gold and Bucks. Gold is the premium currency, and the only way to get the gold is by using cash. You need to give payment to purchase more and more gold.

If you want to get the Bucks, then you can get the coins and win the game. Moreover, you can also make purchases in the game to get more bucks.

Is Kick the Buddy forever free?

It  is freely available just like other game party masters, brewmaster, and happy racing. You can enjoy kicking the buddy mod apk for Free.

Who made Kick the Buddy?

Crustalli is the name of the developer who made this game on July 10, 2014. Crazylion Studios Limited developed the free version of the game. After then they make the free version name to Buddyman Kick.

What does rain do?

Rain is just an element in the game. Whenever you select any weapon, it starts raining inbox. You can also extinguish buddy.

What is the point?

This is an entertainment game for Android and iPhone, and it helps in releasing stress. The whole point is you should assaulting buddy by kicking him with weapons.